Trust your hair care with Vatika, and let us nurture your natural crown.

Introducing Blending Rituals, a haircare regime using pure oils that is blended specially for you keeping in mind your unique needs.

Choose from a wide variety of 100% pure oils to create a medley for you.

Create your blend

Nature has always had the answers!

Each of our ingredients are meticulously sourced and tested to ensure safety, quality and efficacy.

Why blending Rituals?

We believe, the secret to beautiful hair lies with nature and no one secret can unlock the answer for all. There are over 7 billion of us on earth, each with our unique hair, preferences and challenges. Embracing this diversity, we’ve crafted a bespoke approach to tend to all kinds of hair types, all packed in one unique blend.



Every blend is customised to suit you and battle your hair concerns.

Naturally Enriched

Naturally Enriched

We’ve used nature, and its elements to create various medleys to treat your hair, in the most authentic way possible.

Pure Oils

100% Pure Oils

The oils extracted from these elements are unadulterated, to give your hair the organic care it requires.

Exo Friendly

Eco friendly & Sustainable

These oils have been derived from natural resources in a sustainable fashion to ensure Mother Nature remains unharmed.