Hair Nourish & Protect

Vatika Nourish & Protect

Vatika's Nourish & Protect range is the ideal set of products for dry, dull and lifeless hair. Formulated with the nourishing benefits of natural ingredients such as Olive, Almond, Henna and Aloe Vera these products give you naturally nourished, silky smooth hair.

Hair Nourish & Protect

OliveOlive oil has long been used as an effective way to promote hair health. Rich in antioxidants, as well as vitamins A and E, it safeguards the natural keratin in hair helping to "lock in" moisture and replenish the natural organic balance of your hair.

Along with many other benefits of olive oil, it can also help in hair growth, preventing hair loss, keeping the scalp healthy, eliminating dandruff and regaining lost hair. A light massage of the scalp with olive oil may stimulate and recondition the scalp. This will increase blood supply to the scalp and nutrient supply to hair.


AlmondThe delicate yellow oil extracted from almonds contains vitamins E and D as well as other beneficial vitamins and minerals, which help to strengthen and moisturize your hair from root to tip creating a lush and silky look.


HennaWith other ingredients coats hair fibre and transforms its surface giving intense shine.

Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraAloe Vera is a succulent plant that has been cited as being used in herbal medicine since ancient times. Aloe Vera as a hair treatment can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian times. It is a rich source of moisture and helps seal in essential moisture. Aloe Vera’s alkalizing properties balances the pH level of the scalp and hair which results in healthy hair and it helps retain moisture in the scalp.